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The challenge to today's service organizations is to provide excellent, efficient, and effective service while keeping costs low. Thankfully, this seemingly impossible task is becoming easier as more and more systems are translated from the world of corporate manufacturing to the world of services. One of the most successful and effective of these systems is Lean.

Lean is a proven method of increasing your organization's effectiveness. This workshop is focused on equipping you with the Lean tools that you need to create a noticeable improvement in your organization immediately. We'll show you how Lean can eliminate and/or reduce operating costs, cycle time, and non value-added actions and accelerate processes by reducing waste.

The skills taught in this workshop will give your organization increased flexibility, more efficient utilization of assets and resources, increase your quality and reliability, help you better meet your customers' expectations, and help you to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

We'll not only help you develop a plan for implementing Lean; but after learning the principles, we can help you integrate them with Six Sigma or your current process management system to bring even more dramatic results.

In order to properly introduce you to Lean, we'll first focus on the primary principles and concepts. We'll show you the typical "wastes" of Lean. The workshop will show you how to build an implementation roadmap to deploy and sustain Lean. It will also cover what tools and techniques you can use to improve your response to customer quality and cost needs.

We'll show you how to create a Total Productive Maintenance program to improve efficiency and how to construct a Value Stream Map to identify any areas where Lean my have an effective impact.


  • Project selection
  • Create a project charter
  • Customer/Client perspective
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Layout streamlining techniques; flow/throughput
  • Root cause analysis
  • Point-of-use-storage strategy
  • Quick changeover of workspace
  • Just-In-Time systems
  • Visual Controls
  • 5S Workplace
  • Standardization of work
  • Total Productive Maintenance/Sustain gains

Lean and Six Sigma are two sides of the same process. While Lean eliminates waste, Six Sigma focuses on using statistical methods to reduce variability. While the bottom lines may be similar, they shouldn't be thought of in terms of "either/or". In fact they share many similar tools and can increase the effectiveness of each if used in concert.

Lean can engage the "low hanging fruit" so that it becomes easier to identify the more subtle issues that Six Sigma addresses. Many organizations have begun to integrate these two approaches to great success. Though these two systems work well together, they are still effective independently and you don't need to be using Six Sigma in order to take advantage of Lean

The workshop can be formatted as a one day overview or a 3 session interactive workshop catered to working projects.

Department Managers, Project Managers, Change Agents, and any other individuals interested in learning process improvement techniques.

$2,000/course for 1 Day Executive Overview
$6,000/person for 3 Day with Tools
$6,000/person for 3 Day with Tools and Projects
all plus course manuals and travel expenses for the instructor with a maximum of 15 participants.

All of our consultants are certified auditors.    

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